Gabby Lord is an Australian designer in Brooklyn.

She is one half of Super Keen, an independent brand strategy and design studio with Lauren Wong.

Check out superkeen.studio for recent work. A selection of past work can be found here. Always a WIP.

Taking on projects, collaborations, and opportunties.

Super Keen, NY, USA
︎︎︎Creative Director

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Character, NY, USA
︎︎︎Design Director

Ableton, Berlin, DE
︎︎︎Freelance Designer

A Color Bright, Berlin, DE

Christopher Doyle & Co., Sydney, AU

Houston Group, Sydney, AU


Ableton, Airbnb, Apple Music Awards, CoRise, Conjure, Dollar Donation Club, Equals, Frec, GetYourGuide, Greenvines, Juni, lululemon, MUTHA, Netflix, Oura, Red Bull Music Academy, Women In Innovation, Zed, Zenly, and more.

Insights to your inner potential.
The Oura Ring aims to make health information personal and help people connect with their body on a deeper level. Making sense of your health data can be guided by three simple scores: readiness, sleep, and activity, however, demonstrating these scores visually is slightly less simple.

Working closely with Oura, we were asked to capture the concept of ‘Rise to Realize’ through lifestyle photography to support their brand refresh. We created a series of narratives to illustrate key moments in peoples lives. These stories depicted empowerment while reinforcing how Oura allows them to own their inner potential.

Character NY

Art Director

Creative Direction: Manuel Dilone | Design Direction: Gera Frascaroli | Art Direction: Gabby Lord | Photography: Sam Kweskin | Videography: David Cortes | Styling: Jake Sammis | Set Design: Chad Handon | Hair & Makeup: Homa Safar | Production: Amy Kanagaki | Project Management: Veronica Höglund

Gabby Lord 2023