A skincare brand for the modern mother.

When founder Hope Smith became pregnant, she found herself completely underwhelmed with the products available for mothers. As someone genetically predisposed to stretch marks, she wanted to take extra care of her growing belly without compromising on ingredients or the aesthetics of her bathroom vanity. We set out to dismantle the sea of soft, same-same stereotypes of motherhood and create a fierce brand deserving of women’s attention. Drawing inspiration from nature in unconventional ways, we built around the core idea of bravery and grabbing motherhood by the MUTHA-f*ing reins.

Everything was created considering the time-poor nature of a mother’s day. The brand assured her that self-care is never selfish and that she deserves to nourish her body as much as she does her crew. From bold, no-BS typography to multi-use packaging of regal palette—the visual identity was very much inspired by the strength, support, and rituals of women—down to the website flow being easy enough to use one-handed with a baby on your hip.

Character NY

Senior Designer

Creative Direction: Virgilio Santos, Manuel Dilone | Design & Art Direction: Cris Mascort, Gabby Lord | Photography: Samuel Pasquier, Joe Wright | 3D: Pedro Veneziano | Strategy: Alessandra Lariu | Verbal: Marlena Ryan | Naming: Brooke Amber | Project Management: Teri Kaplan

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