Gabby Lord is an Australian designer in Brooklyn.

She is one half of Super Keen, an independent brand strategy and design studio with Lauren Wong.

Check out superkeen.studio for recent work. A selection of past work can be found here. Always a WIP.

Taking on projects, collaborations, and opportunties.

Super Keen, NY, USA
︎︎︎Creative Director

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Character, NY, USA
︎︎︎Design Director

Ableton, Berlin, DE
︎︎︎Freelance Designer

A Color Bright, Berlin, DE

Christopher Doyle & Co., Sydney, AU

Houston Group, Sydney, AU


Ableton, Airbnb, Apple Music Awards, CoRise, Conjure, Dollar Donation Club, Equals, Frec, GetYourGuide, Greenvines, Juni, lululemon, MUTHA, Netflix, Oura, Red Bull Music Academy, Women In Innovation, Zed, Zenly, and more.

Care that’s skin deep.
A lot of skincare brands say the word “sustainable” without seriously backing it up. Greenvines, a truly sustainable skincare B-Corp from Taiwan, wanted a brand that felt as distinctive as their product philosophy. We created a design system that revealed just how deep their ecological impact goes by continously digging deeper.

Character NY

Design Director

Creative Direction: Virgilio Santos, Manuel Dilone | Design & Art Direction: Gabby Lord, Shu Hsiao, Brandi Steele | Animation: Shu Hsiao | Strategy: Lauren Wong, Barb Langfitt

Gabby Lord 2023