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Manifesting the perfect space can be a daunting task. Personal style and taste are always evolving with our identities, so furniture rental startup Conjure set out to change our old furniture purchase ways. We created a new name and brand identity for Conjure around the idea of ‘becoming your own’.

We drew inspiration from classic storybook typography and hand-cut shapes—an ode to turning the pages of different life chapters. A vibrant palette and maximalist styling approach captured the diversity of Conjure's furniture, with collections grounded in the rich design history of New York. And the storybook inspiration influenced the unconventional and artisanal feel of the web design, an experience that invites, excites, and sparks a bit of magic.

The result? The ability to lean heavily into who you want to be in the moment without feeling like you have to commit to being that person forever.

Character NY

Associate Design Director

Creative Direction: Virgilio Santos, Manuel Dilone | Design, Art Direction & Web Design: Gabby Lord, Pedro Veneziano, Whitney Badge | Strategy: Lauren Wong, Andie Wexler | Naming & Verbal: Malik Adán | Photography: David Hartz | Interior Styling: Adam Charlap Hyman | Talent Styling: Doria Santlofer | Project Management: Veronica Hoglund

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