Mahlo Brunch Bar
Branding brunch in the heart of Neukölln.

Mahlo is serious about brunch, while not taking themselves too seriously. Run by a French-Australian couple, together they set out to create a new cafe in Neukölln that was eclectic and unconventional when compared to the contemporary cafe scene in Berlin.

With this ideology in mind, we worked together to create a fun and quirky identity which extended as far as coffee packaging, copywriting, mural painting and everything in between. Personified, the Mahlo brand is someone you can have fun with and relax around. At Mahlo Brunch Bar you can be sure you’ll always come welcome—and you’ll always leave full.

Design Lead

Design & Art Direction: Gabby Lord | Painting Assistants: Tyrone Stoddart, Amy Kim | Case Study Photography: Zoë Noble

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