Gabby Lord is an Australian designer and art director living in New York City.

Passionate about storytelling and design systems, my work focuses on branding and takes a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving. I apply a strategic and meticulous lens, while constantly exploring ways to democratize design and technology.

With a penchant for organising information, I curate an online directory and weekly newsletter called ︎︎︎ OMGLORD, sharing thoughts on design, creativity and handy resources. A few years ago, I created ︎︎︎ Broads Down Under, a database of women and non-binary people in the Australian design industry, promoting representation and equal opportunities. I sometimes do ︎︎︎ talks and ︎︎︎ podcasts but generally feel sorry for anyone who has to listen to the sound of my voice.

Taking on projects, collaborations, and opportunties for 2021.

Character (US), Ableton (DE), A Color Bright (DE), Christopher Doyle & Co. (AU), Houston Group (AU).

Selected Brands
MusicAwards, Airbnb, Netflix, lululemon, Zenly, MUTHA, Women In Innovation, Oura, Ableton, GetYourGuide, Red Bull Music Academy, Qantas, Jetstar, Macquarie Bank, The Australian Chamber Orchestra, and more.


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